41 Creek Ranch | Abilene, TX | Sam + Stephanie - Meg Amorette Photography

41 Creek Ranch | Abilene, TX | Sam + Stephanie

Earlier this month, I got the opportunity to be the second photographer in the Childer’s wedding! I’m so gratefull that Deanna of Deanna Lynn Design asked me to partner with her on this wedding day. Sam and Stephanie put together a beautiful wedding at their own venue (41 Creek Ranch) right outside of Abilene, TX. It was such a pretty day, not a cloud in the sky and so much love in the air! I love getting to be a part of such a significant day in people’s lives. I was with the boys the first part of the day as they were getting ready. Sam was having a blast with his family and friends, but eager to see his soon-to-be-wife. Their first look was a TEAR JERKER for sure. You can tell this man absolutely adores Stephanie.

As a wedding photographer, you get to witness and capture so many special moments. I got to see Sam hang out with his best friends and family, kick back and relax in his element. I got to see how excited Stephanie was to show off her dress to her husband-to-be, anticipating the sweetest reaction. There were so many heart-warming moments, and I can’t believe it’s my job to just watch and capture. If you are looking for a wedding photographer that treasures these moments as much as you do, head over to my contact page now and tell me about your love story! I’d love to share it.

Thanks, Deanna Lynn Design for asking me to partner with you! So glad I got to learn from the best.

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