Wild and Free Couple's Session | Abilene, TX | Eli + Ariana - Meg Amorette Photography

Wild and Free Couple’s Session | Abilene, TX | Eli + Ariana

AHHH Eli and Ariana were the sweetest and most free-spirited couple to shoot with. We got to spend the evening enjoying the sun and talking about life, and it was one of the best nights. They are both so kind to others, and know how to goof off and have a good time. I think people often come to my sessions thinking we’re going to be serious and posey, and start off being a little nervous. I happen to just like to just roam around and have fun, and these two totally embraced that! They went with my silly ideas and weren’t afraid to be totally themselves. They drove almost three hours from Midland for our session and I’m so grateful to have made a couple of new friends!

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