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Cal Young Park | Abilene, TX | Meeks Family

The Meeks family was a JOY to photograph last week in Abilene, TX! Each one of their four kids is so different from the other, and it was so fun to watch and be a part of! I’m always so amazed by how children develop into unique and grown human beings (is that weird?). The kids are so deeply and patiently loved by their parents, Autumn and Chris. I’ve known Autumn for years since she was a sponsor for the club I was a part of in my undergrad! She has always embodied such a sweet and kind spirit. Chris was also hilarious and I loved watching him mess with this kid.! Autumn told me it had been years since they last hired a professional photographer, so I’m so grateful to have captured their family as it is now!

As you’ll see in the images I captured for the Meeks, I love getting a mixture of moments. I know the ones where everyone’s looking at the camera and smiling are so important to families! But I also just LOVE capturing the genuine moments of how families interact. I take so much joy in finding myself to be a fly on the wall (with a camera, obviously) and just observing and capturing the authenticity of a family. To me, the joking around and teasing are some of the most special moments that I don’t want to ever be forgotten. This family session only took about 30 minutes and there were so many memories made!

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