San Antonio, TX | Kendall + Kyle - Meg Amorette Photography

San Antonio, TX | Kendall + Kyle

This post is LONG overdue, but this session was one of my faves. Kendall has been my best friend for…6 years?? 7 years?? Crazy. She has always sacrificed so much of herself for the sake of others, loving deeply and intensely. I’ve always been a little protective of her because I think others can easily and unknowingly take advantage of her giving and selfless nature. But then…she started dating Kyle. And there she had a man willing to sacrifice and give to her even more than she has given to others. Someone who is patient, kind, gentle, and so so serving. Kendall and I always joke about how nicely our husbands treat us and how they’ll basically do anything to make us happy (it isn’t the worst). I felt so thankful that my best friend was being treated so well. Not in a way that she “deserves” (golly, not gonna lie I am not a fan when people say they deserve love and all that…if you want me to rant about this just message me cause I’d be happy to word vomit all over you), but in a way that is unconditional and unworldly. Kyle, thanks for spoiling and loving my bestie so hard!

Time got crazy last year and I never got to give them an engagement session like I originally hoped. So, in the middle of a crazy weekend we got to carve out some time on a cloudy and early morning in mid November. Their love is so beautiful to me, and as a photographer it was a dream to capture. Also…they have a cute pup that reminds me of my cute pup and that’s a huge plus.

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