Chapel Dulcinea | Austin TX Elopement | Mark + Polly - Meg Amorette Photography

Chapel Dulcinea | Austin TX Elopement | Mark + Polly

This wedding at Chapel Dulcinea in Austin, TX has to be one of my favorite moments as a wedding photographer as it included my brother and new sister-in-law! Mark and Polly plan to have more of an elaborate wedding in New York City next year, but couldn’t wait that long to make the commitment as husband and wife. So, on a cloudy Saturday morning, these two and their immediate family went to the Chapel Dulcinea in Austin to celebrate their love.

So this post will be a little personal, because this is my family here. Mark, my older brother, is one of the most selfless and caring guys I’ve ever known. Seriously, his whole life has been about serving other people. He’s always the one to get gifts for someone, to buy them dinner, to put their trash away. He’s thoughtful and kind. I’ve learned so much from him in regards to putting 100% of yourself into the things in life that matter, and letting the rest fall away. I’ve always thought that Mark needed someone really extraordinary to not only deserve his selflessness and compassion, but give that kind of love right back to him and not take advantage.  And along came Polly (yes I absolutely just said that, how original am I?). She’s just as selfless, serving, caring, and kind (if not MORE) than my brother. Their relationship portrays such a special dynamic of compromise and joy. I love these two so much.

This ceremony only represented what truly matters. The love and commitment that was being celebrated, family, and God. Polly and Mark shared their own vows, which allowed for even more intimacy and authenticity. Mark couldn’t help but getting emotional, as he told Polly about when he knew that he wanted her in his life forever. To calm the tears and nerves, Ouzo (that adorable almost-certified therapy dog you see) showed some love to his parents, and it was the best. Also, that super hot tall dude with the great hair that’s standing up there with my brother is my husband, who made the whole morning legal! Lucky me, right?

I am seriously so in love with elopements and intimate ceremonies. It feels like all the pressure of perfect planning and elaborate details melt away, and a couple gets to make the most beautiful decision of committing the rest of their lives to each other without any distractions. It was fun, easygoing, vulnerable, and authentic. If you are engaged and want to make the leap into marriage special, meaningful, and captured authentically, please contact me today!  I want to tell your story. Also, the Chapel Dulcinea in Austin, TX is a beautiful location and is totally free! Take a look at how the morning unfolded, and let me know what you think 🙂


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