Dallas, TX Lifestyle Couples Session | Anthony + Jamie - Meg Amorette Photography

Dallas, TX Lifestyle Couples Session | Anthony + Jamie

Earlier in December, I had my first lifestyle couples session in Dallas, TX. It was so cool getting to give to other creatives. Anthony is a super talented musician and Jamie is one of the best graphic designers I know (my website and logo are just glimpses of her talent). They just got a new member of the family, Andie, so we had to capture the trio. Anthony and Jamie’s apartment in Dallas is so cool and inviting (also the lighting was ON POINT), and I got to live vicariously through them by enjoying city life for a weekend.

I love being a photographer and capturing such sweet relationships. I feel like people tend to think you only get your pictures taken when you’re engaged or when you have a big ole family! But how special is it to capture each stage of your life, year by year? It changes rapidly before you even know it, and photographs will help you remember the significant (and insignificant) moments forever! So shout out to Jamie and Anthony for being married for a year now and joining the obsessive dog parent family.

If you are looking for a photographer to capture whatever is going on in your life right now, contact me today!

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