Enchanted Rock Engagement Session | Austin TX| Courtney + Thomas - Meg Amorette Photography

Enchanted Rock Engagement Session | Austin TX| Courtney + Thomas

This adventurous engagement session at Enchanted Rock was everything I dreamed and more. I was starting to get into a bit of a creative slump…desiring more adventure, hiking, and chasing the sun. Sometimes I get a little discouraged living in Abilene because I want to do more outdoorsy things, but options are a bit limited. So I reached out on Instagram asking if anyone wanted to join me in an adventurous session at Enchanted Rock. Courtney and I had exchanged words before about her and Thomas’s engagement, so when she eagerly replied I just knew it would be such a fun experience with them.

I had been to Enchanted Rock only once before a few years ago and had since totally forgotten about it’s beauty! Just outside of Fredericksburg lies these huge rock formations you can’t even fathom. The skies were clear and sun hid beyond the rock, creating the most amazing saturated glow. There was barely anyone at the park so it felt like we had the whole universe to ourselves. I had forgotten to charge my phone on the drive, so I didn’t get to play any of Courtney and Thomas’s favorite songs like I usually do, but let me tell you, they did not need it. They immediately stepped into this beautifully romantic space where they loved on each other intimately, and explored the rock with me in wonder and appreciation.

I will tell you that before this day, I was just generally frustrated with how some things were going. Like I said, I was in a bit of a slump. A lot of times as an entrepreneur I end up feeling a little isolated, spending hours on hours in front of my computer. But the Lord seriously gifted me so much this day. For one, Enchanted Rock requires $7 per person in cash, and I only had a $20 dollar bill. This sweet family (literally the only other people there this evening) arrived at the same time and covered my costs just out of the goodness of their hearts. Then, I got to meet Courtney and Thomas who seriously just took me in, asked me questions about me, my marriage, my business, and sincerely thanked me over and over for doing this session with them. I truly try to bless others with this photography business I have…I mean, that is why I love it so much. But sometimes it can be a little scary and it’s easy to step in some insecure spaces. But these to reassured me and my work over and over, and their words still fill me up. They both love others so well, and as you scroll through some of my favorite photographs from their session, you can see how much they love each other. Their smiles were wide, their eyes constantly glistening, and their embrace was comforting. Thank you Courtney and Thomas for showing me such a beautiful evening and filling my spirit!

If you’re interested in traveling outside of where you are for some new scenery and desire to explore the world, please invite me with! I want to tell your story, so contact me today!


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