The Experience

The Experience

I strive to give an experience of service, kindness, acceptance, authenticity, and attentiveness. I create honest connections with my couples by learning more about them, the dynamic of their connection, and befriending them. By diving deeper, your relationship is conveyed in photographs. You’re not just posed into an awkward position in front of my camera. Instead, you’re directed to interact with each other in a way that YOUR reactions and personality come through. 

the intersection of human connection and beautiful art.

no awkward posing.

I don’t just move your hands in the right position and make you stay still for the photo. I get you moving around and interacting with each other while listening to some music (a mix between my own playlist and any songs that are significant to you)! We get silly and fun, but also romantic and sweet. You don’t have to think about a thing, I will direct you along the way while still leaving space for you to be you! 

all about the emotion.

There aren't many days in one's life that bring on as many emotions as a wedding day. That's what I'm on the lookout for. The entire day, my eyes are peeled to capture the anticipation, joy, tears, and excitement you and your loved ones experience so you can relive it over and over again. I consider the way things felt even when I edit your photos, so the final image will bring you right back there.

an eye for the details.

I pay attention. The things you brought to your wedding day were brought for a reason. Your wedding guests were chosen and invited FOR A REASON. So the entire day, I'm looking out for the little things and the big things. Your ceremony will be captured in a way where you are not only the focus. Your parents crying in the first row and your best friends squealing at the first kiss will be a priority, too. You will get a photos of the things that matter to you.

more than a vendor.

Seriously, I get to know you guys. I get you on the phone to hear all about your relationship and wedding vision, and then we become friends. You can always expect GIFs in your emails from me. You’ll receive an in-depth questionnaire both before your couples session and before your wedding day so I can learn more about your relationship and your vision, so I know what to focus on during your day. Our client-photographer connection is so important because the more I learn about you, the more your personalities and story are conveyed in your final photographs.

part-time planner

With every couple that books, I mail out a 40-page wedding guide with all my advice for a wedding day. It goes over a wedding day from start to finish when it comes to photography. You'll learn about what to consider in regards to details on lighting, exits, timelines, getting ready, and so much more. It’s okay if you don’t know what you’re doing, because I GOT YOU. You have my support the whole way through and you will not have to go through it alone. 

a calming presence.

Weddings can be stressful, so the more peaceful people you have in your corner, the better. That's me. I don't get frazzled, I don't get overwhelmed. When the family members are all over the place when it's time for portraits, I will rally them up in a calm manner. When timelines get pushed, I will work with your planner and we will figure it out. I don't infringe on the experience or manipulate what's happening. I'm where I need to be, without being a distraction.

Wedding Investment

All wedding packages include tons of timeline planning advice, a wedding guide with 35+ pages of tips and tricks, and a sneak peek of 25+ photos the day after your wedding (no need for posting those awful iPhone photos!

get the details
get the details

Package 01

Package 02

Package 03


6 hrs of wedding day coverage

Online gallery of roughly 500 images

8 hrs of wedding day coverage

Online gallery of roughly 700 images

Complimentary engagement session


10 hrs of wedding day coverage

Online gallery of roughly 1000 images

Complimentary engagement session


Second Shooter

40 pg heirloom album

Portrait sessions are so much fun! I do engagements, anniversaries, maternities, and more. Each session comes with a styling guide with tips on picking the best outfits for the shoot! 

starting at $450

Portrait sessions are so much fun! I do engagements, anniversaries, maternities, and more. Each session comes with a styling guide with tips on picking the best outfits for the shoot! 

Sounds great, let's talk!

Portrait Investment

Up to 1.5 hrs of shooting

Complimentary styling guide

Online gallery of roughly 50-100 images

All I can say is WOWZA!!


Meg's photos are everything I ever dreamed of. Each photo captures the day so beautifully and perfectly. Every single one spoke so much of what that day meant to us and I could not be more grateful. Not only is she the absolute sweetest soul, but she made my fiance and I feel so comfortable."

Photographs that make you feel known.